Posted by: michelle g | April 8, 2008

Michelle’s first post

I hope to blog often..I want to share our story…

We have had our first two speaking engagements. I am struck by the fact that we are now on the “going” side of the fence. For ten years, we have been “sending” our friends and colleagues overseas. It has always been so exciting to watch them prepare and share their anticipation for the future. Now we are going. I almost don’t feel like I know how to play this role. I feel funny being the ones in the ethnic clothing and having all eyes on us. I almost feel like I should turn around to see what everyone is so interested in behind me. But people are actually interested in the Gillards this time. And when this sinks in a bit…it makes me all gitty to know that we are privileged to be the ones going to Uganda. We are honored to be able to speak of our new Ugandan co-workers and all that God has already been doing there in East Africa. I will try to remember how blessed I have felt listening to missionaries as we countinue to travel and be a blessing to others too.


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