Posted by: jacobgillard | April 14, 2008

2000 miles in 20 days!

I’m writing from nearby Warrenton, MO (about an hour outside of St. Louis on I-70). We’re touring the mid-west (click on “speaking schedule” if you’d like to follow our route) on a loop that will take us to speak at least 7 congregations, connect with perhaps 3 other pastors, and take in some meetings at the International Center.

It was slow going on Thursday and Friday with the blustery winter storms (in April, no less!) thru MN, IA, and into MO. It wasn’t fun driving in high winds and blowing sleet & rain but we wanted to get out of MN before the weather kept us there. We were able to stop and visit Drew Bayless in Iowa City on Friday morning (below). I saw that rascal glance lustily at my camper more than once so I held my keys tight until we pulled out of town. (More on the camper in another post!)

Drew Bayless in Iowa City

By Saturday we made it to our weekend destination: St. John’s Lutheran in Warrenton, MO. Their pastor, the Rev. Jeremy Klaustermeier and I were classmates together in seminary and it’s been grand to catch up after 7 or so years. Below is a pic of us together.

Rev.'s Klaustermeier & Gillard

We’ve had glorious hosts in Chris and Becky–thanks for the southern hospitality! The long days traveling and 3 worship services this weekend have been exhausting–especially for Michelle and the girls–so I’ll sign off and hit the hay.



  1. How is that beast of an RV doin? Glad to read that you all are doing well! Take care, ~Drew

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