Posted by: jacobgillard | April 18, 2008

A week in St. Louis

This has been our week in the St. Louis area. Monday and Tuesday night we stayed with Pastor Mark and Erin Hoehner in St. Charles, MO. Mark and I were classmates at the seminary and we both have a passion for God’s work in India. Amelia and Evangeline had playmates in their boys Micah, Isaiah, and Asher (well, not really Asher since he’s still a baby). Thanks Mark & Erin, for letting us throw our girls into your brood of little boys!

Wednesday bought us to speak at two wonderful congregations. In the late morning we met with the JOY group (thanks to Jim Shaw, President!) at Holy Cross in O Fallon, MO, hosted by Pastor Matt Hoehner, also a classmate from seminary and also an advocate for God’s work in India! In the evening we met with a small group home bible study out of Messiah on South Grand Boulevard with Pastor Mike Okine, also a classmate from seminary! This was a special visit because we actually lived at Messiah in 2000-01 when Michelle served there as a full-time Youth Outreach Minister and I served as a fieldworker during my last year of seminary.

In the afternoon I was able to sneak in a meeting with Pastor Chuck Schlie of Messiah in St. Charles and a member, Julie, because they’ve done short-term mission trips from that congregation to Uganda since 2005. It was great to connect with them here in the States because it’s quite likely that I’ll see them in Uganda before long.

This afternoon (Thursday) we had a meeting with a special couple. I can’t say much now, but I promise to tell you more about why they are so special to us in a post next week.

Which brings us to this evening, which was a wonderful reunion at Bethlehem on the North Side with Pastor John Schmidtke. The congregation has grown, matured, and been molded and shaped in so many ways since I did my field ed there in 1996-99. They’ve put together a global mission team and are sponsoring not just us, but also friends of ours who serve in Botswana with LBT. Go Bethlehem!

We’re very thankful to Messiah for finding a place for us to stay last night and tonight–an unoccupied house that’s up for sale. Tomorrow we’ll head toward the southwestern exurbs and gear up for weekend activities…



  1. thanks for keeping us posted on your travels! You sound very busy and that is GOOD! This should be an experience that will make you all stronger.
    how are the girls? are they having fun with new playmates? we miss all of you and look forward to your return! one week down and two left! Love, Mom

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