Posted by: michelle g | April 18, 2008


Traveling with two little girls is quite an experience.  We have learned that it is absolutely necessary to keep them close to a regular nap and bedtime schedule.  If we do that, they do exceptionally well.  I think they are enjoying the people we meet and the experiences we are having.  What kid doesn’t like new toys at friend’s homes, trips to the St. Louis Arch or picnics at parks.  I feel that they are both growing into more “open” children which is going to be so helpful as we move to Uganda.  It seems to be a helpful transition time in many respects.

I am so proud of them both because the girls have their special “sharing” time during our presentation.  Amelia, Evangeline and I have talked about what we would like to do for ministry in Uganda.  It seems right to us to have a “story time” at our home every week, just as we have a story time at our local Library.   Beautiful children’s books are hard to find in Africa, so we will bring over a bunch for sharing with our new African friends and their moms.  In our presentation we share about story time and we sing a song.  I think we will be singing two songs b/c Amelia keeps requesting to sing more.  We sing Alabare and Zacheaus.  Amelia sings her heart out.  This is so unexpected b/c she won’t talk to anyone for at least 15 minutes due to her shy nature.  So all this has been so fun…

Interesting tidbits we have encountered…snowstorms in April, food poisoning for myself and an earthquake that dropped things from shelves and moved picture frames.  We love an adventure!



  1. I was thinking that I didn’t know any one who would have felt the earthquake, but I suppose–you’re right nearby! Have you ever felt one before? I haven’t…but Jon has always talked about how there are fault lines in the midwest…

    I’m happy to hear that the girls, esp. Amelia, are being so open to presenting, I’m sure it’s unique from their eyes, but will give them great exposure to meeting new people when you move to Uganda, as you said!

    God be with you, Gillard family!

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