Posted by: michelle g | April 24, 2008

So far

Well, the travel is certainly catching up with us.  Amelia asks to go home every day now.  They both cry when we put them in African clothes.  We have all come down with a cold from being “run down”.  This means less sleep and toleration for everything.  One day at a time we all say.  Saturday we go to the Creation Museum, then two more speaking engagements before we begin the long drive home from Ohio.  We do laugh and smile and have nice days because we are all together amidst the challenge of being on the road for over two weeks now.  But the thought of being at one place for more than two days at a time is looking very sweet.  Thanks for all your prayers.



  1. Yeah, the “being on the road” aspect of being on the road has a novelty that can wear off pretty quickly. When Ari & I did our kid’s tour, we revelled in the few times where we could actually unpack our bags and stay in one motel or B & B for more than one night.

    Do you know the song “Turn The Page” by Bob Seger? “…when you’re riding 16 hours and there’s nothing much to do. And you don’t feel much like riding, you just wish the trip was through.”

    Hope the weather cooperates with you, and you can get a heapin’ helpin’ of chili mac before you leave the Cinci area.

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