Posted by: jacobgillard | May 19, 2008

Wide Circulation

Here’s a fun fact. When I stopped by the offices of LCMS World Mission (LCMS WM) at the headquarters for our church body in St. Louis last month I met a gal who was preparing a direct mail piece going to thousands upon thousands of people. The piece is an appeal to support the LCMS WM general fund and it features of all people the Gillard family as an example of the kind of mission work that goes forth thru LCMS WM.

Kind of exciting that our faces and story will have wide circulation, eh?

I also share this to clear up any potential confusion. Some of you may get that widely circulated direct mail appeal with our family photo on it and think to yourself, “Don’t I already support the Gillard family? Why are they sending this to me?” But remember, the direct mail piece is for the general fund only…they’re just making an example of us…er, you know what I mean!

Have you ever considered long-term missionary service? Click here and see what positions are available. Why not join up and maybe they’ll feature your mug next?!

P.S. If you’ve given a gift for our support you’ll likely receive some direct mail appeals from Synod. If you don’t want them, the good news is that it’s easy to get them to stop. Just ring (800) 433-3954 and the helpful people who answer the phone will code your file accordingly.


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