Posted by: jacobgillard | July 30, 2008

Still at it

We returned home today from almost 2 weeks in Wisconsin.  Thanks for your continued prayers for safety as we travel so many miles.

We continue to be well received by some fabulous congregations as we speak each weekend.  Our mid-week commitments have thinned out in these peak days of summer but we welcome the downtime to savor what are our last visits with family and friends for some time.

We are often asked about our departure date.  We think it’s October but we hope to have a better idea soon.  Part of this new funding model that we’re a part of requires patience, flexibility, and a willingness to figure it out together as we feel our way along paths previously untrod.  While we were at orientation in June we asked the executive staff of LCMS World Mission to tell us by the end of July if we CAN’T depart for Uganda in October.  And thanks to so many of you who have made financial commitments to send us there since funding pace and level will be key factors in the decision.  We’ll post the news as soon as we know ourselves!


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