Posted by: jacobgillard | August 12, 2008

Cleared for Departure!

I’m writing with some great news.  Are you sitting down?  We’re not…because we’re on cloud nine since my boss, Dr. Paul Mueller, the LCMS WM regional director for Africa, came to our house on Friday morning and shared the great news that we’ve been approved to depart for the field anytime after October 1st!

When we first heard the news we felt such relief.  It is a feeling of great satisfaction to know that all of our hard work speaking and preaching near and far since April 1st has been well worth it.

At the same time, our life will get even busier.  Our weekends are booked solid between now and the end of September.  We’ll need to find time to purchase our tickets, finish packing, decide what to do with our house here in Minneapolis, and say our goodbyes.

This permission to move to the field doesn’t mean that we’re fully funded, but it does mean that our funding rate seems to be on the right trajectory to be fully funded by the end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2009).  The mission board is willing to step out in faith with us and trust that God will continue to provide people who have a passion for sending the Gillard’s to Uganda by funding our work.  So if you know of friends or congregations who are interested in pledging or giving you can tell them that there is indeed still a need.

We are not going to Uganda alone.  Some of you reading this are old friends and some are quite new but either way we get to take you in our hearts to Africa.  Thanks for journeying with us.


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