Posted by: michelle g | September 19, 2008

To Pack or Not to Pack

In short, we have no idea what to pack, put in long-term storage or sell.  As I go through each paper clip, pile of shoes, toy box, and sheet set I wonder what I should do with it all.  It is easy to hold on to the keepsake tubs full of high school yearbooks and favorite toys from the girls.  It is easy to sell the couches, beds and end tables.  But what should we each take in our two suitcases that hold 50lbs?

We have many suggestions come to us along the way.  Sheets, mac-n-cheese, books, bath/body lotions, pots/pans and infant medicine.  Ok, we will take those things I suppose.  But should we take toys for the girls?  Should we take clothes?  Should we take art supplies?  I bet I will take a little of everything to get us started and help the girls feel “at home” as they transition to their new home.  I’ll pack a few favorite things for me and I bet Jacob won’t need a thing.  🙂

In the end, I know we will have taken some of the right and some of the wrong things.  I do know that in a few years we will laugh at what we brought.  It will make for good memories.


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