Posted by: jacobgillard | October 1, 2008

No Church in Africa???

Here’s a thought shared with me by my friend, the Rev. Chuck Lindquist


No where is the growth and dynamism of the world church more in evidence than in sub-Saharan Africa. It is interesting to recall that missionary statesman John Mott – the visionary organizer of Edinburgh 1910 – at that time predicted that there would be no church in Africa by the end of the twentieth century. And it was not so strange to think so.

One hundred years ago, the African church numbered approximately 8 million sisters and brothers – less than 2% of the world Christian family. They were badly outnumbered by African Muslims, by approximately four-to-one. The trends seemed uniformly negative.

Yet we find today an African church approximating 400 million sisters and brothers, representing approximately one-in-five of the world Christian family, representing more than half of the African continent, and growing by another 25,000 members, perhaps, every single day.


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