Posted by: jacobgillard | October 1, 2008

the end is near…the end of the Gillard’s time in the USA, that is!

Hello new-friends

I see that 278 email addresses are now subscribed to our Yahoo! Groups email distribution list…and many have been added in recent weeks and months.  It’s great to have so many fine folks engaged in what we do.  (That list is separate from this website.  Let me know if you want on or off of it.  It’s an easy way for us to “push” stuff into your in-box.)


We just finished 6 solid months of speaking.  We gave our spiel umpteen times over 26 weeks in 35 venues in 6 States.  Some of it may have been a blur and much of it may have been exhausting, but it left us with a warm and fuzzy feeling!  🙂  It truly was an honor to be invited into so many sanctuaries and fellowship halls to tell the story of the exciting work that waits for us in Uganda.

Jake’s trip

I will visit Uganda in October to tend to logistical matters that will help smooth our ultimate arrival in very early November.  What matters will I tend to?  Things like renting a house, basic furnishing thereof, utilities, vehicle, banking, etc.  Normally these preparations would be tended to by missionaries already on the field but we’re the first LCMS missionaries to be permanently stationed in the country so I’ll get to lean on Ugandan leaders in our partner church as we make these preparations together.  Please pray about these preparations with us!  It will be difficult to be away from Michelle and the little girls.  I’ll miss them so much.  Then I’ll be back in Minneapolis for 12 days for last-minute packing and final goodbyes and all four of us will be wheels up on election day.  That’s right, we’re voting by absentee ballot this year!

Minneapolis House

Barring a miracle, our house in Minneapolis will not sell before we leave.  We’re looking to let our 5 bedroom, 3.5 bath home.  If you have any leads on responsible tenants please hit reply and let us know.  It’s close to downtown, both freeways, and lots of trendy city-life.  You’re welcome to mention this to God, too.


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