Posted by: jacobgillard | November 14, 2008

We are here

The plane ride was pretty rough with all of those carry-ons but we made it! The girls sometimes nap normally but then have moments when they just fall apart. The first two mornings I got up early with one or both of the girls just before sunrise (6:30).  On our first morning Amelia and I gazed out our windows and walked around our compound. She said at least two times in her most quiet, reflective and sincere voice, “Daddy, Africa is beautiful. This is so beautiful.” The girls are intrigued by things such as…all of the large birds we see on the tops of so many trees…and large snails in the grass and on the underside of the big banana tree leaves…and the way things are carried like when women put large loads on top of their head or when men cart large items on the back of their bike or motorcycle…all great things to ask them about.

It’s been raining everyday. We’re in the midst of the shorter rainy season.  Michelle and I caught a cold Saturday night and such a bummer–now Liney has it.  Sunday worship was great and Pastor Charles had super message on Resurrection matters.  It is an “international congregation” (serving ex-pats of many different nationalities here in the capital city) so all the liturgy is in English.



  1. Awesome, awesome, awesome. What an amazing experience for all of you, but also for expanding their young brains with all of this beautiful knowledge!

    I’m glad to hear that you made it there in one piece, at least. I’ve been thinking about you, praying for you, and checking everyday to see if you had posted an update! Thanks for posting the pics and video, too.

    You just missed the snow flying here, though nothing has really stuck around because it’s still too warm for that.


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