Posted by: jacobgillard | November 14, 2008

We thought Amelia was taking a nap…but…

We thought Amelia was napping, but then we heard a shreik from her room.  This video explains the rest…



  1. Ohmygoodnessgracious!

    Welcome to Africa!

    I just learned this week what the emoticon for monkey is (supposed to look like the face, but it might be more of a cow to this Wisconsin girl):

    —(o o)—

  2. Ha! You’ll have to call it monkey-netting!

  3. Hi Jacob and Michelle and girls! This is soooo cute – so glad you are there safe and will check back in on you all to keep in touch. Going over to Rosa’s birthday party tomorrow night at Flaig’s and will miss seeing you all there.
    Kelly Cornwell (Les’s cousin)

  4. Dear Jake, Michelle and girls,
    I really enjoyed seeing the video and hearing about your experiences. We have a bulletin board at church now and I’m starting to write weekly updates with pictures of Uganda so that our congregation can get to know all of you and keep track of your progress. You are in our prayers!
    Sue Kautzner, Zion Lutheran Church, Hillsboro, MO

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