Posted by: jacobgillard | January 23, 2009

mid-January Prayer Points

Earlier this month we received our co-laborers, Vicar Shauen and Krista Trump, and we’ve helped to get them settled in for their term of service which is 18 months, to start. (If he passes his vicarage he will be ordained and should have the option to continue with LCMS WM with the standard 2-year, renewable terms.) They’re a pleasure to serve with and you should check out their website.

My bosses are stationed in Kenya and South Africa but they’ve been here in Kampala for meetings this week and we’ve done a lot to host them. Thanks God for the fellowship we’ve had with them.

I’m really excited about the theological leadership classes that will begin February 6-8. Twenty-four men from all over Uganda will meet over the extended weekend and receive the next level of practical, theological training. We’ll meet twice a month for 2 years. It’s perhaps the biggest reason why we were invited to come to Africa. Lift up these men of God.

We got a new internet service yesterday that is a lot faster. It even handles Skype with video. Be in touch to set a date if we talked about doing a live chat with your bible class, mission committee, or small group. If you’re a good friend I’ll even consider an appointment at 6 pm my time so you don’t have to hold your bible study in the wee hours of the morning!


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