Posted by: michelle g | January 28, 2009


Swish, swish, swish…we hear this sound all day long. It is the sound of women and men sweeping walks, patios and streets. For about 20 cents you can purchase a great sweeping broom made from grass. Although there are many other kinds of brooms here, people always use these traditional sweepers. At the edge of a most busy road, you will see city workers sweeping away the dirt and trash. Uganda is quiet a clean country b/c of these useful tools. Amelia and Evangeline bought their brooms weeks ago. They are often seen sweeping our porch to clear away ants or flowers that have fallen off the bushes and trees in a rainstorm. I use them daily as well. I can’t get enough of the peaceful and rhythmic sound of the broom.

As for other sounds you hear…Uganda is an agricultural society. I think that the mooing of cows, cluck of chickens and maa of goats are most prevalent during the day. Song birds, the whir of locust wings, children laughing and the never ending clinking of pots and pans fill the air as well.

In the evening people are always playing pop Ugandan music. This is only muted by the sound of the crickets and squeaking bats flying in the sky.

Everything in Africa is so live b/c even indoors is like living outdoors. You hear everything like it is right on the other side of the wall. We have vents above each window that are always open. Noise travels so well. Sometimes we hear a chicken that seems to be outside our door and we look to only discover it is behind the wall behind our house. You hear a pot drop and it seems like it is in our kitchen when really it is from two homes over.

This is really something to adjust to. Let’s just say that there is a lot to wake us up at night. And yet it is so peaceful and wonderful to sleep with the air and sounds of Africa surrounding us.



  1. Michelle, the amazing thing i remember about sleeping in the city of Masindi was that the birds and animals are so loud in the early morning. and, i remember the rain also. it seemed different in some way from the rain in Minnesota. thanks for your update on daily life in Uganda! Kathy

  2. Michelle, We are at Ray and Sue Churack’s on the North Shore. I have been listening to the sound sof the waves crashing on the rocks. It is so loud. The sound of the wind blowing through the trees off the lake is awesome as well. I too liked the sound of the rain in africa as it falls on the metal roofs. The sounds of God’s creation are all around us. Is it any wonder that they soothe us and make us smile. Glad that you are adjusting well. Looking forward to our visit to Uganda. Just looked at our mission pictures as we showed them to the churack’s. What great memories! See you soon. love, Greg

  3. Great “slice of life,’ since it’s hard to imagine stuff like that. So your descriptions make it easier to picture where you are & a bit more of how the days feel…thanks!

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