Posted by: jacobgillard | February 5, 2009


Do I get a free box of steaks for this?

Do I get a free box of steaks for this?

In mid-December we sent out an e-newsletter via ourYahoo! Groups email distribution list asking the following:

Thank God for safety while traveling these relatively skinny roads that we share with people, animals, motorcycles, and other cars!

I can say that your prayers are still being heard and answered!  Last week I was on a 950km trip to the North (the Trumps wrote a great summary of the trip in their January newsletter and I’ll try and get it linked here soon).

In the last two hours of our homeward journey we encountered three or four guinea foul (about the size of a chicken) on the side of the road.  One saw us coming and made a costly mistake when he decided to fly right into our vehicle.  We’re thankful that the glass did what it was supposed to do.  I only had very, very small shards of glass on my dash, shirt, and lap.  We kept on driving for about an hour and stopped to investigate (photo) when we refueled.  The more Ugandan thing would have been to stop and grab the bird for a meal that night.

For 280,000 Shillings Yusuf came the very next morning and made everything right.  (Although it was a bummer to lose the original, high-quality windscreen from Toyota.)

Praise God with us for his protection!

* photo courtesy Shauen Trump


  1. That steaks thing is definitely a Minnesota thing, they have stricter laws about windshields compared to WI—I never thought about that until I moved here.

    Right, Michelle?

  2. Must’ve been one BIG hen!

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