Posted by: jacobgillard | February 23, 2009

TEE #2

TEE is scheduled for the first and third weekend of every month and instruction runs from Friday morning to Saturday late afternoon.  Shauen, Jerome, Patrick, and I always meet the following Monday to evaluate the weekend–what worked and what didn’t work.  We’ve made some tweaks along the way and feel like we’re off to a great start.

In a previous post I promised a TEE roster.  Wait no more.  Have it here and pray these men up!

The topic this past weekend was “Baptism”.  The majority of students were unable to articulate the Lutheran understanding of Baptism (and therefore the attendant issues of sin, Grace, and the nature of conversion) when they arrived on Friday but they had come a long way by Saturday afternoon.  They are now teaching this precious doctrine to others in their towns and villages and they’ll take a written test on the topic when we see them again on March 6th.

Now, for all you theological nerds, here’s our instructional outline from this past weekend.


  • Devo on Baptism, Jake
  • Greetings/TEE orientation, Charles
  • Small items to address:
    • “we’ve never experienced a worship service like this before”
    • teapot
    • “prank” call
    • note taking
    • devo sign up
    • food & accommodation complaints; c.f. Paul in 2 Corinthians 11:24-29
  • Reporting on implementation of “Great Commission Gospel Hand” via small group proficiency test
  • “In your opinion, what is a Lutheran?” written test
  • Verbatim on last weekend, Shauen
  • Baptism liturgy modeled, Jake
  • Baptism liturgy reviewed on paper, Jake
  • [Lunch]
  • Examples of the sermon writing process, Jerome
  • Theology of Baptism, Shauen
  • Later: meet with those previously trained/ordained in other church bodies


  • Devo, Patrick
  • Verbatim on Friday, Jake
  • Theology of Baptism continued, Shauen
  • Pre-baptism counseling, Baptism overview, casuistry, Jake
  • [Lunch]
  • Translation work
  • Wrap up, depart

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