Posted by: jacobgillard | February 26, 2009

Late February prayer points

  • Thank God for TEE (Theological Education by Extension) students who are so eager to hear His Word. These 21 men gather for instruction two weekends per month and enjoy learning more about what makes them distinctly Lutheran.
  • Pray for our Ugandan men who are studying at our partner seminaries in other African countries. Ask God to mold them into servant leaders.
  • Ask God to work thru short-term volunteers and teams who are making plans to visit Uganda in the coming months.
  • Pray for opportunities to meet our neighbors as Michelle hosts a weekly “Story Time” at our house.
  • All of us (except Evangeline) have struggled with unexplained fever, cold, or stomach viruses in the past month. It only lasts a day or two and then clears up. Thank God that we’re relatively healthy.
  • We’ve been here for almost 4 full months and feel very settled in.  Thank God with us for generous Ugandan co-workers who are so willing to share their life with us.  Many have acted as “cultural informants” by helping us understand our new homeland.
  • Our house in Minneapolis didn’t sell but we were able to sign it back over to the bank—for a hefty fee, I might add. We are thankful that it is no longer a burden to us and we have an amazing story to share about God’s provision to help cover that hefty fee…more to come.
  • We are thankful for congregations and individuals who continue to support us with sacrificial financial gifts even these uncertain times.  So if that’s you, thank God with us for how He’s using you!
  • We have been expecting 5 packages for some time.  Please pray with us that they arrive one day.

Here are some cute kid pics to spice up the post…

Evangeline the artist

Evangeline the artist

*photo courtesy Shauen Trump

Smug mug

Adorable Amelia on or near her 4th birthday

Adorable Amelia on or near her 4th birthday

Animated Evangeline reading herself a book

Animated Evangeline reading herself a book



  1. Oh, your sweet girls. Ari & Éowyn were playing a game the other night where the players had to answer questions on cards or act stuff out. Ari read the question “Who do you miss?” And without even a breath, Éowyn said “Amelia.”

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