Posted by: jacobgillard | February 27, 2009

James & Jacob

Confirmation in Lira

Confirmation in Lira

We’ve traveled far up-country on several occasions in our first 4 months here.  We encounter “under-served” Lutherans in all these far flung places.  By “under-served” I mean that there aren’t enough leaders to serve them with some basic functions of the Church.  The LCMU’s 64 congregations have only one seminary-trained-and-certified pastor in Rev. Charles Bameka (no longer an LCMU pastor) and one seminary-trained-and-certified evangelist in Solomon Ayagri.  That’s a lot of ground for two men to cover in a country slightly larger than the State of Minnesota.  Needless to say, we have many requests for baptisms, confirmations, marriage, the Lord’s Supper, etc as we travel.  You may recall that Shauen and I are here specifically to facilitate theological leadership training, but we’re not ones to take a narrow interpretation of our position description–especially when the LCMU encourages us to help meet the great needs.  Who are we to deny the requests of these patient saints?

I’m often behind the camera so I thank the Trumps for snapping the photo above.  The third paragraph of this post gives a nice summary of events the afternoon it was taken, Thursday, January 29, 2009.  I’m standing next to James who does a great job translating, by the way.  Pray for him as he’s now far from Lira, his family, and congregation and back in classes at Lutheran Theological Seminary in South Africa.


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