Posted by: jacobgillard | March 2, 2009

mailing address

Girls getting mail

Girls getting mail

We’ve received a number of letters and cards—thank you!

A first-class letter will cost you as little as 98 cents (1 ounce) from the USA.  Two ounces are $1.76 and three ounces are $2.54.

When it comes to larger envelopes, plastic bubble bags and Tyvek are good.  Paper bubble bags and paper envelopes are bad.

Now on to packages.  Boxes are good.  DHL & FedEx know this part of the world well.  Be sure to retain your tracking number.  If you use DHL or FedEx you’ll need our physical address instead of our PO Box.

Now, forget about DHL & FedEx because USPS is much cheaper.  So get down to your neighborhood post office and start sending us stuff!  For a great value check out the USPS flat-rate boxes or padded envelope.  Seriously, look into this ahead of time (just click the previous link) or you might be in for a big surprise when you get to the counter.  (E.g. The brown box in the photo above was $104 without the Flat Rate thru USPS—and you don’t even want to know what it would have been DHL or FedEx!)

The only way to track a package sent USPS is thru the Customs Declaration Form number so please email us that number (usually begins with “CP” or “LC” and ends in “US”) right away.  My fellow missionary has some good photos to help you find the right code on the Customs Declaration Form.

Please allow 2-4 months for delivery.

We connect with visitors from the USA at least every other month so you can always ask us who’s coming next and you can mail something to them to hand-carry to us.

Thanks to all of you who send us cards and packages.  They are always a treat.  Need ideas on what to send or not send?  Just ask Michelle!

By the way, NEVER send cash or checks because they will never reach us.



  1. Jake, have you received mail from Grandma yet? i think she just mailed her third letter to you on Jan. 2nd.

  2. I couldn’t help myself! i shared your blog with the whole staff and now i am getting lots of fun comments! i think the girls pictures are beautiful and i want to get on the plane right now and forget the packing! see you in a few days! love, mom

  3. […] You can find the mailing tips here. […]

  4. […] able to secure a PO Box at a post office a bit closer to our house.  You can find the new address on this updated post.  […]

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