Posted by: jacobgillard | April 27, 2009

Burning Fetishes

Many of you were introduced to Kevin in our last newsletter.  He is our neighborhood woodworker so we got to know him as we furnished our house over the months with couches, tables, chairs, swingset, etc.  We invited him to worship.  Neither he nor his daughter are baptized so he hosted a pre-baptism class at his shop.

When it came time to set the date for his baptism he said, “I have a problem.  My father died but he was a witchdoctor.  My grandfather says I sit on my father’s chair and must burn my father’s fetishes before I’m baptized.”

Of course, the bible doesn’t require that Kevin burn his father’s fetishes before or after receiving Christian baptism but his grandfather is a Christian and we don’t want to overlook his wisdom.  Besides, it’s not a bad thing for these items to be wiped off the face of the earth.

Shauen, Krista, Michelle and I were able to accompany Kevin to his village near Fort Portal for the burning last week.  We met his family and offered the customary greetings.  Kevin sent for kerosene.  He asked me to lead the burning so I turned to the book of Psalms.  I focused on passages that describe the LORD as our only true protector and deliverer, the Creator and Owner of everything, and the chief spiritual power over all spiritual powers. (E.g. 20, 24, 31, 46, 50, 96, 106:19-22, etc.)  Kevin’s sister led us in a song in the local language, I offered a prayer, and Shauen proclaimed the Apostle’s Creed.  After that, we doused the items and lit the match.  Thanks for praying for Kevin (and us!) as he and his family put his father’s faith behind them and walk confidently forward with the LORD.

Shauen has a great version of events here.



  1. Incredible.

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