Posted by: michelle g | April 27, 2009

Story Time Update…

Story time has already ended.  I think I made my story time attempt too soon upon arrival.  I felt a duty to begin story time as I said I would begin this ministry during our speaking engagements throughout the U.S….but the time wasn’t right or maybe the idea isn’t right.

Living in an urban community, many people are shut up behind walls and gates.  I had to make an effort to walk the community and pass out notes.  The children forgot to come.  The children were off to town shopping with their parents.  The children were still sleeping.  There were many reasons why story time didn’t work the way I had it arranged.  I need to learn more about the culture here before I can do a story time that fits and flows well with the lives of the people in my neighborhood and/or the surrounding community.

I will save all the books and puppets given to me for story time.  I know God has a use for them.  I just don’t know when or where quite yet.

For now, I will be putting my extra time into a woman’s bible study beginning in May.  I’ll keep you posted.


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