Posted by: jacobgillard | May 23, 2009

Big Shot for a Day

Gillard girls enjoy Big Shot

Gillard girls enjoy Big Shot

It’s not uncommon to receive gifts of appreciation on our travels.  My partner, Shauen, and I were given a very fine cock while on our last trip upcountry.  They restrained his wings with banana fiber rope and tied a plastic bag around his body for a hygienic ride home in the back of the LandCruiser. We arrived home late at night and somehow the cock was quiet all morning (he probably didn’t feel like crowing since he was still tied up).

I was able to surprise Michelle and the girls. The girls called him “Big Shot” because a rooster goes by that name in one of their books. But we didn’t let them get too attached. Within an hour Michelle took the girls on a walk and Big Shot completed the circle of life. We had the Trump’s over that night for a tasty treat.



  1. Jake, I am wondering if you used your chicken slaying skills learned when we had chickens when you were a boy! It was a long time ago, and I would think the process might have been forgotten! let us know who did the deed……Mom

  2. Janepher’s boy, John, did a fine job. I just watched.

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