Posted by: michelle g | May 27, 2009

Gillard Drum Circle

There's nothing like the beat of the African Drum

There's nothing like the beat of the African Drum

There is a choir at our congregation in Kampala.  I mentioned that I play the djembe if they were ever in need of a bit of beat.  It took a few months but a choir member, Angela asked if I would like her help in ordering a drum.  To get a good price, she went and ordered one to be made for me.  Djembe drums are West African drums but are played in Uganda (Ngoma drums are native Uganda drums).  For $30 I got a nice djembe drum with good sound.  I played in church the next week and I have played every Sunday I am in town ever since.  I love it.  Sometimes I accompany the keyboard and sometimes guitar.  My favorite part about worship in Africa is that the Lutherans here know how to pep up all our favorite hymns.  We also sing many contemporary songs in worship.  It is so fulfilling.

Line is especially into drumming and Amelia likes to play to.  They have baby ngoma drums.  I think for our next holiday I will get them some small djembes so we can really play together.



  1. So great to read this…I can imagine the music in my head.

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