Posted by: jacobgillard | June 11, 2009

Ggwe Ani? (Who are you?)

We received a letter from some pre-schooler’s at First Lutheran in Grand Rapids, MN.

We saw your picture. We know your names. How do you say your name? Is it ‘G’illard like in ‘g’iraffe or ‘G’illard like in ‘g’orilla? You have a great family, that means you love one another. Thank you for telling people about Jesus. Jesus loves you. We love you. We care about you.

Here’s part of my reply to them:

We pronounce our name ‘G’illard like in ‘g’orilla and ‘Gillard’ rhymes with ‘Willard’.  But here I’m sometimes called something else.  In the local languages there’s little differentiation between ‘l’ and ‘r’ and they often address people by their last name so here I also respond to “Girard”!


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