Posted by: jacobgillard | June 11, 2009

Learning Luganda

Our missionary team learns Luganda together.  The Trump’s and the Gillard’s meet with our language teacher, Chris, for two hours, twice a week.

Chris, Jake, Michelle, Krista, Shauen

Chris, Jake, Michelle, Krista, Shauen

It’s a pace and schedule that’s very compatible with the rest of our responsibilities.  If the schedule were more rigorous we’d probably have to cancel a lot, fall behind, and feel like failures.  But this schedule is sane and “do-able” and we are making progress.

The objectives of our language learning are to learn the culture so we can feel bonded to the people we work with.  We aim for fluency in marketplace situations and basic conversations.  Preaching in Luganda may come with time.

Language Learning Factoids:

  • Luganda isn’t the national language (English is!) but it is considered a trade language over a large portion of the country.  When we visit many areas we’ll still speak English and utilize a translator.
  • Luganda has 6 tenses and 24 noun classes (declensions).  This means there are 24 prefixes, 24 sets of personal pronouns, 24 sets of demonstrative pronouns, etc.
  • No Luganda word begins with the letter ‘i’

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