Posted by: michelle g | June 23, 2009

The weather…the sky

sunsetThe weather in Africa is as varied as the people.  West Africa is hot and humid.  The deserts in the north and west are hot and dry.  South Africa has a winter so cool you need a heater.  Uganda is something like a “perfect” middle.  I had anticipated that being on the equator would mean hot sun and hot air.  But what we have encountered is absolute paradise.

The weather is always 75-85 degrees year round.  The mornings are cool…cool enough for the girls to need a jacket for breakfast on the porch each day.  It quickly warms up and the sun makes it quite hot on the hot days.  But it is rarely humid so it is always bearable.  If you find a palm tree to sit under you can be perfectly comfortable.  Many days it rains.  There are few truly dry periods here which make for the beautiful and lush landscape.  When rain comes, either in the evenings or afternoons, it cools down considerably.  So there is often a nice break from the heat.

We are at an elevation 1155 meters which means our evenings cool to a comfortable temperature.  We hardly ever need a fan to fall asleep.  By the middle of the night you need a blanket to cover up.  So day and night are a perfect mix.

When weather does come our way…it comes off of Lake Victoria which is less than two miles from our home.  The photo at the top of our blog page was taken from the hill we live on.  We live that close.   Lake Victoria lies East and South of us.  Our weather never comes from the west or north which is exactly opposite of the weather in WI where I grew up.  It took me a long time to get used to the weather coming from such a different direction.

Rain usually comes in the form of a storm although it sometimes rains just as rain.  It can storm hard with hail and wind and thunder.  Lightening strikes seem to be rare.  The lightening seems to be mostly in the atmosphere.  The storms and rain pass quickly and the sun returns.  There have been a few “rainy” days where it was gloomy, cool and wet.

My favorite weather scene so far was seeing an early morning rainbow.  Amelia opened the curtains and we saw a complete rainbow.  The rainbow was full from one end to the other.  Now as a child I heard about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but I had never seen an end.  This rainbow really ended by touching the ground in a marsh near Lake Victoria.  It was so amazing that I didn’t even take time to photograph it-I wanted to see it as long as I could.

The sunsets here are a bit dim compared to the sunsets in MN or WI.  There are few days that it is more than just a bit of pink before it disappears for the night.  It gets dark every day…all year long…around seven p.m.  But there was one night when the sky was quite spectacular.  Enjoy the photo.



  1. That’s quite a fantastic photo!

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