Posted by: jacobgillard | July 12, 2009

The darndest things!

From Evangeline:

Last week we were at a house party saying goodbye to a short-term mission team from suburban St. Louis and I offered to hold any hand sanitizer they didn’t want weighing down their plane.  We realized a few bottles and talked about hand sanitizer for a bit.  When we got in the car to drive home Line asked, “Can I have some hanitizer?”

Besides being so cute in the mouth of a 2 year old I think she came up with a great trade name and I’m rushing to register it now.  And yes, she’s available to you marketing executives out there for $2,500 per day plus expenses.

Here’s another from Liney.  We were surfing this news article and she said, “That woman is dancing.”

From Amelia: (a conversation out of the blue)

Amelia: I miss my church in America.

Mom: Why?

Amelia: I miss sitting on benches.

Mom: Do you mean pews?

Amelia: Yeah, I’m sick of sitting on chairs at church.


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