Posted by: michelle g | July 18, 2009

Ugandan English

We have some short-term college students in country for the summer.  They remarked on how differently we speak when interacting with Ugandans.  You see…we have acquired the Ugandan/British English way of speaking.  It is very proper and fun to speak. It is especially funny to hear a two year old say some of the following:

Instead of saying:  this is wrecked-this is spoiled

Instead of saying:  can I get by-may i pass by

Instead of saying sorry to apologize-you say sorry when you mean “whoops”

Instead of saying yeah, yes, we have that-they are there.

Instead of saying can you give me a ride-can you provide me with tansport (transportation)

Instead of saying I’m coming-I’m moving

Instead of saying I’m moving from my home to another-I’m shifting

Instead of saying yeah when someone calls your name-yes please

People always greet the girls and I the same way a hundred times a day.  They say hello and are they twins.  Then they ask their ages and look more closely to point out that Amelia is indeed bigger.  Then they ask if they are in school.  Then they ask where we live.  The girls are great conversation starters I think.

So really, next time someone calls your name, say “yes please”.  It sounds oh so lovely.



  1. Fun stuff! We’re “shifting,” by the way. We’ll give ya more details soon…it’s all good.

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