Posted by: jacobgillard | July 22, 2009

About our work

Technically speaking our first term (22 months) is language and culture learning but, for better or for worse, we’ve already jumped in with both feet alongside the leaders of the LCMU.  My (Jacob’s) weekday work activities include:

  • language classes;
  • mission-related administrative work (correspondence, paying bills, errands);
  • meeting with Vicar Shauen Trump (my co-worker);
  • meeting with LCMU leaders passing thru town;
  • meeting with short-term volunteers/visitors (mostly visiting Americans) passing thru or sticking around; and
  • preparing for the weekend activities (see below) so that means lesson plans, phone calls, etc.

We have internet at the house and I have a home office so it’s easy to do what has to done when it needs to be done.

Next, you may be wondering what exactly I do on the weekends.  My weekends involve equipping, encouraging, and teaching church leaders.  It varies, but here’s the run down for a typical month with 4 weekends:

  • Men from all over Uganda travel to Kampala two weekends per month for theological training which Shauen, guest lecturers, and I team-teach.  On these two Sundays I’ll worship, preach, or lead liturgy at the international congregation here in the capitol.
  • Another weekend will find us out visiting congregations.  I usually travel with Shauen and one or more Ugandan leaders who represent the national church.  Depending on the distance we’ll leave Friday mid-day or Saturday morning.  The leader at our destination arranges our schedule to maximize face-time with these congregations that are seldom visited and eager for encouragement.  We often have meetings with congregations in 2 or 3 locations on Saturday.  At the meetings they share the history, challenges, and joys of their congregation.  We bring news and encouragement from the national church, hear requests for assistance, and always sit down to share at least a little food.  We’ll worship with one congregation Sunday morning and another congregation Sunday afternoon-sometimes in different locations from where we visited on Saturday.  There are often baptisms, confirmations, and Holy Communion at those worship services.
  • Another weekend will find us resting at home on Friday-Saturday but still often worshiping or preaching at the international congregation on Sunday.

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