Posted by: jacobgillard | July 29, 2009

About your financial support

We read online about the global financial meltdown.  We continue to be amazed that so many people in America are still giving sacrificially in the midst of such uncertainty.

Every financial gift sent our way is such a blessing.  We have often found ourselves saying “wow” out loud many times over when we receive our monthly donation statement.  The generosity of God’s people is overwhelming.  Glory be to God!

A financial partner wrote to us saying that they’ve received telephone solicitations from LCMS WM and another LCMS entity (Concordia Seminary, St. Louis).  Although we have no control over these solicitation policies we are truly sorry for any irritation they may have caused.  Here’s an explanation from my co-workers at the International Center and simple instructions to be removed from those lists:

We are thankful to have a strong base of regular supporters for LCMS World Mission.  One way we keep this donor base healthy is by cultivating new donors.  Approximately once a year we sign reciprocal sharing agreements for names in specific categories with other LCMS agencies who are involved in Gospel outreach.  We share names within our denomination because these Christian donors tend to have a giving spirit and a passion for helping others.  This sharing also gives the donor an opportunity to learn more about God’s work in other areas of the Church.

It is always possible to limit the use of a name or to withhold a name at the donor’s request.  We honor such requests regularly.  Any donor may ask to be coded for limited contact, do not mail, do not call, or do not trade name.  Such requests will be honored as soon as they’re received.  To restrict contact with LCMS World Mission simply make your request by e-mail to Jackie or by phone at 1-800-433-3954, extension 1017.


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