Posted by: jacobgillard | October 6, 2009


It’s NOT autumn here in tropical East Africa but somehow we still got the flu!  Thankfully we got over the sickness just in time for a mission-sponsored retreat in Kenya.  LCMS World Mission gathered all East Africa missionaries (5 families) in Mombasa last week.  The girls enjoyed the Indian Ocean and did well on the two short plane rides each way.

Gillard's on retreat

My parents (above) extended their Uganda trip to Kenya and provided childcare for the girls so Michelle and I could truly participate in the retreat activities–a HUGE help.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

Each day we had bible study and devotions but lots of time was left for swimming and relaxing.  We really needed the refreshment.  We’ve discovered that LCMS WM is serious about the well-being of its missionaries.  A retreat now and again is a big part of that.  Financial gifts to support our regular budget make it all possible—thanks for caring!

Thank God with us for our co-workers (below).

September 2009 LCMS WM East Africa Retreat, Mombasa, Kenya

September 2009 LCMS WM East Africa Retreat, Mombasa, Kenya

(l to r) back: Jim Heining (short-term theological educator and retreat chaplain), Carlos Winterle, Shauen Trump, Mike Rodewald, Caleb Rodewald.  middle: Jolene Heining, Lidia Winterle, Krista Trump, Cindy Rodewald, Rhoda Houge, Claude Houge.  front: Seth Rodewald, Jacob Rodewald, Jacob Gillard, Michelle Gillard.  lappers: Evangeline Gillard, Amelia Gillard

Home of Owen & Mzee

We took our little girls to a nearby wildlife reserve called Haller Park to see some famous friends: Owen (a hippo) and Mzee (a 130-year old giant tortoise).  Maybe other kids have read the books about these famous friends.  We didn’t get to see Mzee because he was out wandering in the forest but we saw Owen and his new friend, Cleo (also a hippo).


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