Posted by: michelle g | November 29, 2009


Girls on a bodaboda

We use many modes of transportation in Uganda.  We have a very strong Toyota Land Cruiser VX.  This car can handle all the difficult terrain Jacob finds on his travels around the country.

I take a shared taxi when I go to city-center.  Taxis are minibuses that pick people up and drop them off on certain routes.  City center is much like the downtown of any other downtown in a metropolis of 2 million people.  City center has everything and everyone is there buying it all.  I pay fifty cents to ride 15 kilometers to town.

A bodaboda* is a motorcycle taxi.  They will pick you up anywhere and take you anywhere.  They cost more than shared taxis.

It is very common to see three grown men on one bodaboda with a stalk of matooke (green bananas) and baggage.  They also transport doors, beds, metal beams, lumber and three babies at a time. It is a sight to behold.

The girls and I take the bodaboda from time to time.  Amelia sits behind the driver, them me and Line is in her Ergo backpack on my back.  It is quite fun—even if it isn’t super safe.

* A bicycle or motorcycle taxi.  Derived from the English “border-border”.  The term was first used at an international border crossing where the driver would take pedestrians across the ‘no man’s land’ between border posts.  Hence, from “border to border”.

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