Posted by: jacobgillard | November 30, 2009

Ibanda Blitz

You could call it an “outreach blitz”.  Three carloads of leaders ventured west the weekend of August 28-30 to sow Gospel seed in Ibanda and environs.  The team included Lutheran Media Ministry staff, missionaries, and pastors.

Seminarian Frank Kainerugaba—a native speaker—was sent out a week ahead of time to prepare people for baptism, confirmation, and holy communion.  LMMU staff started with an Equipping the Saints workshop and film shows.  Saturday afternoon saw baptisms, confirmation, holy communion, and a wedding at Holy Trinity in Ibanda town.  On Sunday morning we fanned out in 5 directions:

  • Dr. Jim & Jolene Heining went to Ishongororo-Kemihoko with Moses Ahimbisibwe translating
  • The Gillard family went to Bethany Kinyamugara with Robert Baingana translating
  • Rev. Charles Bameka (no longer an LCMU pastor) went to Mushambya-Bulemba with Fred Magezi translating
  • Vicar Samuel Ogwang went to Kazo 1 & 2 with Gordon Turyamusiima translating
  • Vicar Trump when to Mabale-Miyola with Frank Kainerugaba translating

The people of this region had been waiting for official acts for some time and we’re pleased to report:

  • 1,703 in attendance in 6 worship sites over 2 days
  • 21 baptized into Christ Jesus
  • 40 confirmed in the Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • 256  received Holy Communion

It was incredibly moving to wake up and sit around the breakfast table before the work began that day.  It felt like a wave of Christ spreading across the land.  Excitement and the Spirit filled the air.

Read more.  My co-worker’s version is here (PDF file, 572k).


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