Posted by: jacobgillard | November 30, 2009

Short-term missionaries

The Rev. Dr. Jim Heining serves as senior pastor at Redeemer Lutheran in Rochester, MN.  He could have taken his sabbatical a hundred other places but he chose East Africa.

His lovely wife, Jolene, accompanied him on the six week adventure this past summer. They began in Kampala and reached villages throughout the country.

His official title was that of “Theological Educator”. He taught basic bible with a focus on “Law & Gospel” and “First Corinthians”.  He baptized, confirmed, preached, and married.  They ended their trip on the Kenyan coast where Pastor Jim served as chaplain for the LCMS East Africa missionary retreat.

This couple had the best attitude about every experience they encountered in Uganda.  They blessed everyone they met.

I’m especially excited to check in with them on my brief visit to Minnesota next week.

They blogged about their experience here.

If you’d like to serve as a short-term theological educator (advanced theological degree required e.g. STM, PhD, etc.) please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with recruitment services.


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