Posted by: michelle g | November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving or Not — UPDATED

Many of you have asked me about thanksgiving and have sent us thanksgiving greetings–thanks.

Here is the story. The girls and I have been working up to thanksgiving for the entire month. We read books, made crafty turkeys for the table and created our own thanksgiving book with some coloring pages from the internet. It was all quite exciting.

There was a man from the U.S. here in country and he was coming to eat. I invited a neighbor lady and her daughter. Pastor Charles, Eva, and Trumps were also invited.

I didn’t know what to cook or any of that. Decided to do chickens but not too keen on the idea. Heard turkeys aren’t good in Uganda. Then Jacob goes on a walk and finds a neighbor with turkeys running around in the yard. The next day I talk to them and ask if I can buy one. I buy one. Then I spend a few hours running around to find a pan big enough for the turkey and small enough for my tiny stove. Got one in the end. Was feeling pretty good. Sent my house lady all over tarnation looking for “orange” sweet potatoes and all the other fixins…AND my mom’s box arrives from the U.S. with cranberries and stovetop. I made my apple and two pumpkin pies ahead of time and froze them. The dough for the rolls was made. We were to pick up the butchered turkey at 9 a.m. I woke up in the morning ready to cook and bake all day.


The electricity went out. It was out all day. This happens often but it isn’t always all bloody day. I actually walked back and forth in my bedroom during nap time praying and anxiously waiting for the power to return. It didn’t. I gave up. I almost cried three different times. Jacob told me he was sorry…that made me feel better. I told myself that it was ok…TIA…(This Is Africa)…and there are a lot of other things in life to fret over…turkey dinner isn’t one of them.

So now I sit here…planning when to make all the food piled in my refrigerator that cost me way too much money…all in an attempt to bring a little of America to my home in Africa.

Oh well…right?

UPDATE: Monday, November 30

Michelle worked really hard all morning to turn out this meal.  All of it was really good but I liked the gravy the best.  We ate around 3 pm but are saving the pumpkin pie for later tonight.

Line’s endorsement summed it up the best when she turned to us between bites and said in her most serious voice, “Mom, this is so good that I hardly would puke.”

Amelia eating thanksgiving meal

Line thanksgiving meal

Line eating thanksgiving meal, just after complimenting mom on the meal



  1. Liney, Liney….I laughed so hard out loud at your comment that I had to share it with someone working on the other computer in my room! the food looks really good and I know how hard Michelle worked to make it perfect! Good job! love mom

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