Posted by: jacobgillard | December 19, 2009

I was there…

  • Driving on the “other side of the road” wasn’t a problem but at first it felt weird to have the seat belt draped across my left shoulder while driving.
  • An absolute miracle that I didn’t get sick.
  • I’ve got such great friends who came out to see me at Chili’s and Rudolph’s.
  • If you ever need medical care after hours, just drive to a hospital ER in a town the size of Glencoe—no waiting!
  • I couldn’t have sustained such a crazy schedule without the help of my family.  THANKS!  (A loaner GPS from Paul & Linda sure helped, too!)
  • Cousin Jeff is right, “Airline service quality is a race to the bottom these days.”  I think Continental is winning.
  • The air can be a bit dry—needed lip balm every hour.

I returned to Uganda on December 15 without incident.  Many thanks to everyone who shared a meal, a place to sleep, and came out to hear me speak.

The whole family will be back for home assignment August thru October and we’ll have enough time to hit places outside MN.


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