Posted by: michelle g | January 11, 2010

Story Time

Tell us a story!

If you follow our blog you might know that I abandoned my first attempt at “story time”. I started a women’s bible study at our church and that didn’t flourish either.

You see, when people first enter a culture, they tend to be excited to try new things. The energy and wonder of living in a foreign land has a type of momentum that is good to grab hold of and run with. I was in this mode the first few months of being in country. Then about 10 months into our stay I withdrew. I didn’t realize this was happening really. I began to stay at home and I didn’t want to use Luganda at all. For almost two months I was this way. I suppose this was one phase of “culture shock”.

Then one day I just felt different. I felt a renewed sense of being so thankful to be in Uganda. It struck me that I had been building a foundation for story time all ten months I was out and about in my neighborhood. There is a family who we always visit on our walks–we call them the “sugar cane” family. The girls bring goodies for their cat and I dance with their baby, Aleya. Their home is right on a main road and there is a lot of foot traffic from people going to and from the nearby village. It occurred to me that I could simply ask to do a program at their place once a week. I took my house lady to help translate as they speak little English. They were more than happy to oblige.

Now, four weeks later we have 25 kids coming to story time. I dress up in costume so they know it is story time day when I walk to the village to gather them. I read them stories, sing songs with actions and do a puppet show. I also take popcorn as an added treat. Kids and adults from all ages come and they return for the next week.

Amelia is already leading singing with our battery-operated portable microphone and Evangeline hops higher than the Africans when we sing “Lift Jesus Higher Higher”.

Thanks for anyone who has prayed and given books for this work. It is just plain fun!


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