Posted by: michelle g | February 8, 2010

Across land and sea

Last week, my pa called to tell me my 95 year old grandmother was failing quickly.  I turned to Jacob…he looked at me…and he said, “just go.”  So I bought a ticket and was on the plane that very night.  I got a great price and I flew over the Atlantic into Chicago. I  hopped on a bus to WI (Fort Atkinson).

The night I arrived I was terribly tired and went straight to bed.  The next day I went to visit Grandma.  She was alert and talked with me for five hours.   She gave me heirlooms and we shared memories.   I was thinking that my pa had exaggerated her decline but the next day she slept all the time I was with her.  The following day was the same.  By the 5th day she was no longer eating, drinking or opening her eyes in response to us.  Day six was my departure.  I told her I had to go back to Africa to take care of my girls.  She opened her eyes a few times and I got to say goodbye.

My grandmother was very special to me.  I spent much of my childhood at her home.  She treated me as a daughter.  I got on the plane and while I was over the Atlantic, she died.

She knew Jesus her whole life and one of my heirlooms is her confirmation bible.

Meanwhile back home.  Jacob had a big land trip planned.  The girls got to go with Jacob and the agricultural missionaries on their whirlwind tour.  It was three days in the car and sleeping in the village.  Jacob said the girls did so well and were real troopers.   Jacob got terribly ill on the last day but God kept the girls 100 percent healthy.

Before I decided to go I was so apprehensive…how will the girls do without me, how can they possibly be in the car for so long, wow…the plane ticket is expensive, and how important is it for me to go home.   I can say this was one of the best decisions of my life.  Family is so important and although we live an ocean away…the world is smaller now and in one day we can be home to be part of the “important” things.



  1. So glad you were able to see her again, Michelle, and that you had safe travels (as did your family back in Uganda).

    1914-2010…what a life. We’re thinking of you while you mourn your grandma’s passing and celebrate her life.

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