Posted by: michelle g | March 8, 2010

Pastor’s Wives Retreat

We shared some statistics about the LCMU on our first speaking tour almost two years ago.  We cited the fact that the LCMU had only one pastor–and by extension only one pastor’s wife. But things have changed.  The pastor’s wives retreat next month will be offered to FIVE pastor’s wives and FIVE vicar’s wives. The church is growing!

As the wife of the missionary here in Uganda, I will be hosting the retreat along with the women’s ministry coordinator for Uganda, Jane Byakutaaga. Funding for the retreat was provided by offerings from Trinity Lutheran School, St. Francis, MN and St. Martin’s Lutheran, Winona, MN–thanks to them both!

Let me explain the significance of such a retreat. In the U.S. wives accompany their husbands to seminary and are able to stay in seminary housing. They participate in their husband’s education and activities. When men go to seminary here, they leave their wives and kids behind. They travel to South Africa or Kenya and study for years in order to complete their seminary education. All this time, the wives are home alone, trying to raise children and support themselves…by themselves.

These women deserve a retreat!

Please pray that the women are able to come, travel safely and come away from the retreat refreshed and excited about God working in their lives.

The retreat is scheduled for April 12-15th.


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