Posted by: michelle g | April 19, 2010

Retreat for Pastors Wives a Great Success!

The wives of LCMU pastors and vicars gather for the very first time.

Prayers answered–absolutely! At every turn I felt the spirit moving the hearts of women and moving the retreat along smoothly.

We were nine women. Most of us had never met one another and many traveled very far to attend. They all speak different languages but everyone knew Luganda. Most of the retreat was conducted in this trade language and my co-coordinator, Jane, translated into English for me.

What did we do? Our bible studies focused on how we all can improve our Christian walk as a pastor’s wife at home, in the church, and in the community. Each woman had a journal to write down a specific idea of what she could do to improve in these areas.

The women also had the same prayer partner throughout the retreat. I’m not sure if they had experienced this before but they seemed to really enjoy prayer time.

We also did crafts, get-to-know you games, movies, and a trip to the zoo. So there was serious study and fun–all packed into 3 days.

What blessed me? At the end of the second day the women took it upon themselves to create a drama relating to the material we studied. They acted it out for Jane and me.

They also shared about their personal struggles during the time their men were away at seminary for so many years. BUT they all testified to the fact that through prayer, God provided for them. Many thought they would have no food or soap but somehow God provided. Somehow they made it through. It was a huge blessing for them to hear that they were not the only ones married to a seminarian and alone with little income. It brought them together.

I could continue with many more things I learned and how much fun the women had. If you want to know more you can email me directly. I’ll certainly talk about it during our presentations in a few months.

They asked if we could extend the retreat for the whole week because they were enjoying their time together so much. I told them that we could meet again in July.

THANK YOU to St. Martin’s Lutheran in Winona, MN; Trinity Lutheran School in St. Francis, MN; and Missions Made Possible, Minneapolis, MN for funding this retreat. It was beyond amazing and a blessing to many.

You can see more pics here.


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