Posted by: michelle g | July 3, 2010

Coming Home

Foreigners in Uganda and people in the U.S. have been asking me how I feel about coming “home” to America. I have mixed emotions about the upcoming trip. I don’t feel like we have been here in Uganda that long. I feel like we are still establishing ourselves here, creating community, gelling with ministry, learning Luganda, etc. But do we ever need a break and vacation. So of all places to relax and be ourselves…there is no place better than home.

What do our precious, fantastic, wonderful, loving families have planned for us? My WI family: a water park hotel, tractor and boat rides, carriage rides in downtown Milwaukee for the little Cinderella-lovers Amelia and Evangeline, and a trip to Old World Wisconsin. Jacob’s MN family: a visit to see the Dead Sea Scrolls, and Christmas in summer at the cabin.

The girls are most looking forward to eating string cheese, I can’t wait for blueberries and Jacob wants some sausage with his breakfast. We are actually excited to do some traveling and see friends and churches across the country from Maryland to Washington. It will be busy but a great three months.


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