Posted by: jacobgillard | July 5, 2010

Brenday, Courtney, and Lucy

Puppets in Uganda

Brenda and Lucy teach with puppets.

Brenda, Lucy, and Courtney are serving in Uganda for 5.5 weeks in a ministry to children & youth.  Their orientation began in Iganga at President Noah Isanga’s house in Bubogo. After that they accompanied me to Lira to witness a church wedding and Sunday worship. Then they moved to Angetta, Masindi, and Katete. They’re now in Busia and will visit Kayunga before finishing next week in Kampala.

Their program includes story-telling, participatory skits, songs, games, flannelgraphs, and of course, puppets.  They present to children in congregational and school settings.  The team stays in budget hotels or host homes.  And how could they visit Uganda without taking in a safari and world-class white water rafting along the way?

Do you know someone who might be interested in such an opportunity next June-August?  If so, have them contact Jennifer in recruitment services.

You can see their real faces here! And check out Lucy’s blog here and Courtney’s blog here.



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