Posted by: jacobgillard | July 9, 2010

A Quick Praise Report: New House

Our 100-day home assignment (furlough) is on the horizon and we’re busy wrapping up loose ends.  Crunch time isn’t the best time to move to a new house but we praise God for smoothing the path before us.  His Glory is in all of these details…

Our rent was paid thru the end of June when our Landlord gave us 15 days notice of an increase in rent.  Perhaps we could have talked him out of the increase—or perhaps not—but over the past several months we were sensing that it might be time for a move.  We scrambled and looked at a bunch of houses in 5 different suburbs.

We stumbled upon a recently refurbished bungalow with good security and a beautiful yard.  We could only offer what WM budgets for housing but the owner lives abroad and she was looking for responsible tenants to care for her property.   Needless to say we’re thankful that she’s put her trust in us.  Contracts have been signed and money has changed hands across great distances and we look forward to meeting our new Landlady in about two weeks.

The new place won’t be vacated until after we fly out but the current tenants have been very gracious to allow us to move our things into storage while they’re still there.  We’re also thankful that our current Landlord has allowed us to pay for and stay thru our departure date.  He’s been a good Landlord and this was a great house for us for our first term in Africa.

Thanks for praising God with us even as He’s Lord over all the details in the weeks ahead.

As I’ve mentioned the move to our Ugandan friends each one has expressed excitement that we’re moving 5km closer to town—and to them.


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