Posted by: michelle g | July 14, 2010

July Retreat for Wives of Pastors and Vicars

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We just finished the July retreat for wives of pastors and vicars.  Eight women attended.  They traveled 2-8 hours to meet for two full days at a modest hotel in Kampala.  A woman and daughter team from America were here to do some teaching with the ladies.  They taught the women how the Bible is put together and how to read the bible (what does it say, how can you apply it to your life, etc.).  We also talked about being women of noble character (Proverbs 31).

The Ugandan women acted out a drama sketch to share what they had learned.  It was fun to see what ideas they gathered from the teaching by acting it out.  Major ideas learned:  Jesus is God, not just the Son of God;  as wives we should wake up early and feed our husbands breakfast; we should have our husbands do a family devotion at night;  we should make sure our husbands are dressed nicely before they go out; and we should be busy at night doing a hand-craft we can sell for food.  We also did some fun American crafts like paint plastic cups and make paper for paper journals.

We were excited to share what had changed in our lives since we had last been together.  One woman returned home to begin a Women’s Bible Study, one started to pray with her children, and one started working with the youth.

Retreat number three will be in early December.  We decided that we would like to learn a hand-craft creation skills.  This will help the women start an income-generating business.  One woman knows how to make paper necklaces so she will teach us how to make these and sell them in the market.  We all agreed to bring ideas from our village to start small-income generating businesses beyond simply handicrafts.  I asked each woman, for example, to find someone in their village who was smart and started from one chicken and grew the business to having a whole herd of goats.  This will offer many ideas for ways women can start making money for their families.  We will also continue to study women of noble character (Proverbs 31) as they really felt the text really applied to their lives.

Thanks for your prayers and a HUGE thanks for those who invested in these women (Missions Made Possible, Twin Cities, MN and Trinity Lutheran School, St. Francis, MN).  I can’t tell you how blessed I feel after meeting with these women.  The retreat fills a very large need–THANK YOU!


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