Posted by: jacobgillard | July 17, 2010

Current TEE Roster: The Willing Servants

TEE Men July 2010

TEE Kampala Participants, as of July 2010 (l to r): (back) David, Mike, Aarone, Peter, Humphreys, Jake, Robert, Edward, and Benjamin and (front) Gordon, Patrick, Stephen, Moses, and Shadrach

We started the 2-year Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program at the beginning of 2009 with 24 men.  At the end of July 2010 we have 16 enrolled, 14 of which were part of the original 24.

American readers may not be impressed with that retention rate but it seems to be average or above average for training programs in East Africa.  There are many reasons that would keep a man from finishing a rigorous training program including: illness, accident, education responsibilities, employment opportunities, family challenges, a moral failing, or lack of interest—we plan to reduce the last two with better screening and higher admission standards next time.

There’s nothing wrong with purging the ranks.  I’d rather work with a handful who are truly serious than with two dozen who are half-hearted.  There are so few earthly rewards in “Church Work” but our group experiences a priceless joy as strive together as willing servants who have the right attitude.  (If you’re doing the math, you’ve already concluded that we picked up some students along the way—they came to us in God’s time.)

Those who remain have been tested and found faithful!  Please thank God with me for David, Mike, Aarone, Peter, Humphreys, Robert, Edward, Benjamin, Gordon, Patrick, Stephen, Moses, Shadrach, Moses, Dennis, and Bosco.


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