Posted by: jacobgillard | October 11, 2010

Meet Ginger

Ginger has responded to God's call to serve as a GEO missionary in UgandaFor some time our number-one prayer request has been for more long-term missionaries to serve in Uganda.

Ginger has responded to God’s call in a big way.  She’s now building her network of support and we hope she’ll join us sometime in early 2011.

Ginger’s term of cross-cultural missionary service will begin with several weeks of orientation to the land, people, and customs of Uganda. After orientation she will begin her primary task of strengthening ministry to women and thru women as they share in the ministry of prayer, mercy, bible study, discipleship, and music.

I invite you to rejoice with me that God is sending Ginger to help us in this crucial work among women of the LCMU.

Christ sent out his disciples in groups of two (or more!) so we’re praying for another woman to serve alongside Ginger—either as a bible teacher-trainer (Ginger’s position) or as a community health advocate.  If interested, please contact me for more information.

Click the image to download a PDF and learn more about our newest co-worker.


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