Posted by: jacobgillard | November 16, 2010


I woke this morning to see 12 missed calls on my phone—that’s a lot in my book!  As it happens, Mr. Kazibwe Alfred, the chairman and worship leader of the congregation in Lukonda, has died.  I’d met Alfred on several occasions and I thought of him as a kind, old, respectable servant.  The pastor is away at seminary so they’re calling me to help with the burial rites.  In a few moments I’ll swing by to pick up Rev. Jerome Wamala and we hope to be in Lukonda by noon.  There are likely to be many visitors who are curious to see how Lutherans bury their dead.  It will be a great opportunity to witness to Jesus as the Resurrection and the Life!

On another note, we are hearing many prayers and speeches on PA systems in our neighborhood.  It may be loud at times, but it won’t last long.  I’ll borrow a paragraph (below) from my friend, Mike N. in Minneapolis, to explain:

Today begins the 3-day Muslim holiday, “Feast of Sacrifice”, or Eid al Adha.  It is the most important holiday on the Muslim calendar.  Those who can afford to travel to Saudi Arabia will visit Mecca on the Hajj.  But all Muslims everywhere must sacrifice a sheep or some other animal.  Ask your Muslim friend, “Did you know the Jews used to sacrifice every day?  And Muslims sacrifice every year—but why do you think the Christians have never sacrificed?”  Then you will have the privilege to share with them that Jesus is the Lamb of God, the final sacrifice, that takes away the sin of the world!


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