Posted by: michelle g | December 2, 2010

Care Packages

When we were in the U.S. many folks asked us about care packages. We are always so thankful for gifts. I hope the hints below help.

  • We love any sauces or goodies that are all-natural or organic.
  • We always need chocolate chips.
  • The girls love art and books. Any unique art supplies and books for ages 6+ are super. They like Tommy Nelson Playpaks and Alex toy art boxes.  Both can be found on Amazon
  • Book credits for our new Kindle would be a treat—and there’s no postage required!

As far as anything else…I would just suggest that you think of some of your “favorite” things—what do you enjoy at the end of a long week?  What makes your life a little easier or fun or relaxing. Examples of items folks have sent previously: favorite ranch dressing, favorite cold brew coffee system, favorite kids swimsuit, favorite toy for 5 (almost) and 6 year-old girls, favorite hair clips, favorite shower gel, favorite dish towels, favorite kids DVD, favorite candles, favorite books, etc.

You can find mailing tips and our current mailing address here.


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