Posted by: michelle g | January 6, 2011

Pastor’s Wives Retreat–It is coming up!

Michelle on Phone

Ministry by Nokia. Michelle listens to women's ministry leader Jane Byakutaaga in Masindi as they make plans for the retreat. Many hours of preparation and communication precede every retreat. Ubiquitous mobile phones are a blessing but patience is required when phones are off (sent to the trading center for battery charging) or limited network coverage garbles the conversation. Voice-mail technology exists but it is utilized by less than 2% of subscribers. SMS (text message) is reliable and efficient (if you both speak the same language!) but short messages don't lend themselves to comprehensive planning.

The third retreat for wives of LCMU pastors & vicars begins Monday afternoon.  I was looking at my schedule with flutters in my chest and praying over the content.  We are going to hit on African Traditional Religion (ATR) and the Christian response to visiting a witch doctor. The topic was broached at the last retreat by some women and I asked to defer it to this retreat so I could study up.  We are also going to seek to understand how God wants a personal relationship with each one of us.

The women want to develop their ability to create a small-income generating business. One of the pastor’s wives, Annette, is gifted in making paper bead jewelry. She will teach the women this skill. I am going to teach women how to make cakes to sell for birthdays and weddings.

A special thanks to the Missouri District LWML for underwriting the financial expense for this retreat.

Thanks for your prayers.


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